AOL Instant Messenger

AOL Instant Messenger 6.8

AOL Instant Messenger is a free service to communicate with other people

AOL Instant Messenger has been developed by the popular America Online, Inc. Company. We can access the home website for instant and free downloading. Its setting up is very easy and quick. In the setting up process we can choose to install additional features such as AIM Tunes and QQ Games.We can also add plugging to listening to music and watching videos. AOL Instant Messenger is a free service to communicate with other people. We can fully customize the GUI and create a character that represents us. First we must register, log in and set up connection configuration (we need an internet connection and stay on-line).Once logged in we can access the user's interface and choose between its many features which one suite us best. For example: We can send text messages, e-mail messages,messages to mobile phones,talk and voice chat, voice call from one computer to another, video IM, transfer photo, documents and other files, etc. This service is not provided worldwide so you should check availability at the developer's site before installing. There are different versions available for downloading depending on the location and the computer OP. Now available in Spanish. It supports Windows Mobile,Vista, XP,98,Mac and Linux.

Review summary


  • Very easy to use. Free and fast downloading.Fully customized


  • Not available worldwide
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